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Customer Love-April

Anytime you work with us we do our best to follow up with an email asking for feedback about your experience. The entire team appreciates reading your feedback! Here are a few of the more recent comments you have shared. Thank you for picking Quality Press as your partner in print.  


"I've been working with Lisa Hasegawa for a very long time and always receive the best customer service from her and all the other staff. Keep up the outstanding work that you do."


Seattle Center Foundation


"Our account rep is very responsive, efficient, reliable, personable, and always does an amazing job for us!"


Stein, Sudweeks & Stein, PLLC


"QP is always great to deal with - the staff is responsive and knowledgeable."


RC Advisory Services


"Very responsive and accurate with the information we provide. It is easy to approve the proofs online as well. I highly recommend to others who need your service."


Kubota Vision (Acucela, Inc.)


"Delivery is prompt and the driver very professional. The quality of the cards is



Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


"Due to an unforeseen increase in contractors, we needed work logs rushed to us and Pat Winningham went above and beyond to get them expedited."




"Lisa and Marc and Lesley, I work with are over and above the professionalism and attention to the advertising products I order. So many times they have changed something last minute due to changes in our festival. they are truly amazing."


Greater Queen Anne

Chamber of Commerce


"Pat is a wonder to work with, she is so on top of everything and makes the process of ordering totally seamless."




"This company produces quality product, in a timely fashion, with great customer service. My law firm has used them for years without complaint and will continue to do so. "


Harrigan Leyh Farmer

& Thomsen LLP


"Jay Webber has been extremely helpful and patient. His diligence paid off in the final product! We have beautiful new envelopes that work with all of our mailing machines. In addition we have all new stationery for our newly acquired K&N office. Thank you to Jay and his team for their quality work and making our impossible deadline!"


Parker Smith & Feek Inc.




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